The following pages will give a brief introduction to the personal as well as professional life of Peter Wolter. This includes on the one hand my family and children as well as my professional career at GTZ, emagine gmbh renamed to GFT, Tchibo GmbH and currently Otto GmbH & Co. KG.

You may want to get some insights on development and operations of otto.de and the corresponding projects “Lhotse” and “Shar” on our Development Blog or the MongoDB customer success story press release "OTTO bietet jetzt mehr als 2 Millionen Besuchern täglich ein personalisiertes Einkaufserlebnis". Experiences on handling large ecommerce projects are shared in the t3n magazine "Webprojekte mit Erfolg: Drei CTOs geben Tipps zu Tools, Methoden und Erfolgsfaktoren" or in the CIO site "Otto.de liefert Echtzeit-Einblick in Kundenprofile". Insights on our collaboration with ThoughWorks Germany are shared in the customer reference "Fast and Flexible Platforms Ignite Otto's Digital Transformation". Alternative concepts for complex IT projects are discussed in an interview with the EHI magazine for Retail Technology.

Further, I am irregularly engaged in lectures and speeches at the University of St. Gallen, Freie Universität Berlin and Hamburg University of Applied Science.

My thoughts on the role of management in developing self-conscious and agile organisations were just published on the dev blog of Otto.de. An article on scaling agile by creating a learning organisation is published in the June issue of OBJEKTSpektrum "Scaling Agile @ OTTO – Learning at Scale: Agilität als umfassende organisatorische Herausforderung (PDF)". An interview with the Harvard Business Manager reflects some thoughts on the role of management in agile organisations and meeting culture - "don't waste time" (PDF). 

Finally, my speach on "Platforms for Growth" at the 2016 Paradigm Shifrt in Miami takes you through the foundations of an adaptive and speedy IT beeing the backbone of business agiliy and a wrap-up of the EHI Omychannel Day's 17.

Speeches & Lectures

Summary of Qualifications - Soft Skills

Digital Transformation and Change Management

IT Operations Management and Service Provider Management
IT Consulting and Customer Relations Management
Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner
IT Project Management
Enterprise Architecture Management and IT strategy


Summary of Qualifications - Special Interests

Continuous Delivery and Agility
Distributed Systems
Cloud Operations and DevOps
Supply Chain Management


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